10 Spring Cleaning - Essential Tips


As the days get brighter, you’ll see dust and dirt everywhere in the house. Luckily the long spring evenings are perfect for an extra bit of cleaning, and our top tips will help get you going. Get the family involved and enjoy the rebirth season!

1) What You Need

Before you get started, it’s important to be prepared with some boxes. Here’s what you need:

1) Box 1: Donate/Consign. Anything you want to donate or consign goes into these boxes.

2) Box 2: Repair. While you’re decluttering and cleaning, you will come across items that need to be mended, fixed and repaired. Place those items in this box until you’re ready to work on getting them fixed.

3) Box 3: Put Away Box. Anything you don’t need place into these box. It is time to renew!

2) Always Work from Top to Bottom

When you think about how to spring clean your home, it’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will force debris downward and keep you from having to re-dust or re-clean your space.

3) Love your oven

Keep the heart of your kitchen clean by lining the bottom with a nonstick ovenliner. It can be wiped with a paper towel, put in the dishwasher, and reused over and over.

4) Walls and Windows Need Love too

People almost always clean their floors, but they typically forget about walls and windows. It is helpful to use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds (starting from the top). When it comes to the actual window, we don’t suggest using chemical cleaners. A steam cleaner with a squeegee is a great way to clean windows.

5) Disinfect the disposal

To get rid of odours, drop in a cut-up lemon, some salt and a few ice cubes. The lemon deodorises, and the ice and salt clean away residue.

6) Go corner to corner

When you're vacuuming, begin in the farthest corner and work toward the door, using slow, repetitive front-to-back motions in an overlapping sequence.

7) Reuse cleaning sponges – just microwave them clean

It can feel like you're constantly buying new packs of kitchen and bathroom cleaning sponges, and not only do the costs add up, but it's not great for the environment to keep throwing dirty ones away. Get more use from your cleaning sponges by giving them a quick one or two-minute blast in the microwave on a high setting. This will kill off bacteria.

 8) Make an all-purpose cleaner

Combine 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart warm water, and use it with a sponge to wipe messes away.

9) Get the Family Involved

Get your family involved. Even the most unwilling helper can make a big difference in the workload. Don't worry: There are ways to deal with even the most reluctant helpers. This is actually a great time of year to get the entire family to work together. Try throwing on some music or establishing a family reward as an incentive to get the work done.

10) Enjoy the season

Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Everything around us awakens. 







Daniela Luquini