The Household Genius!

Did you know that everyday washing up liquid is a brilliant all round cleaning detergent?


It has a neutral ph which makes it safe and easy to use.

  1. Try washing glass with a few drops added to a spray bottle and watch it shimmer up before your eyes.

  2. You can do most household cleaning tasks with this wonder liquid apart from de-scaling.

  3. Try cleaning stains from the carpet and washing your bath and sink.

  4. Wash your delicate clothes with a few drops added to the bowl.

  5. Remove grease stains from clothes.

  6. It also kills weeds and is very efficient at getting rid of ants.

At around £1 a bottle this has to be a household genius.
Oh yes——We forgot, It washes dishes too.

By Linda Soulsby

Daniela Luquini