Genius DIY Way to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

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If you want to create a wonderful fragrance in your house and are not keen on using candles or plug in fresheners why not try using fabric softener to wash your walls and skirting boards?

Don't limit your fabric softener to the laundry room. Get that just washed scentthroughout your house by adding softener to water, simmer and enjoy!

Mix one part water with four parts water and store in an old spray bottle.

Apply to a clean cloth and wipe the surfaces down then polish with a dry cloth. It is very soft and not full of toxins. It won’t strip your paintwork and your house will smell amazing!

Create different fragrances for different moods. Meadow fresh, floral, ocean breeze. The choice is endless!

Enjoy creating your favourite fragrances. Who said housework couldn’t be fun?!

By Linda Soulsby

Daniela Luquini