5 Tips To Getting A Clean Home In Time For Easter

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With Easter just around the corner, you are probably planning an event for friends and family at your home! If you are, don't stress about cleaning and instead use these handy tips on how to get a clean home just in time:

1. Clean Your Upholstery

Start by cleaning your upholstery so that your guests have somewhere clean and neat to sit. If you have leather furniture, use “Wheelers Leather Spray”, which cleans and conditions both leather and vinyl. You can find the leather spray at your local shopping. It is very cheap! If you have fabric, give it a good vacuum to get rid of dust particles and spot treat any stains.

2. Dust

Get rid of dust and dirt by dusting your entire home with a damp cloth. Make sure to focus on rooms and spots that your guests will frequent so that they don’t see a dusty home. Since you’ll also probably do a traditional Easter egg hunt throughout your home, make sure that you get nook and cranny!

3. Get the family involved

Don’t do all the work yourself. Drag partners and children into the cleaning club, and get them working in one room while you clean out another. That way, you can all finish much sooner.

4. Clean Your Floors

You’ll want to make sure that your floors are nice and clean! And, if you have carpet stains that you are embarrassed of, try the Vanish Gold Carpet Care Oxi Action Spray Stain Remover!

5. Clean Your Yard

Since guests will not only be inside your home, but also in your backyard, you’ll have to make sure that it’s clean and presentable.

Happy Easter – there is a warm sunny weekend ahead!


Daniela Luquini