7 tips for a clean and tidy desk

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  1. Only keep things you really need on or near your desk. Use a tray for papers you have to read. Shred when dealt with. Have a jar for pens and pencils.

  2. Don’t have any drinks on the desk. Keep them in the kitchen. This also exercises your legs!

  3. Reduce the amount of paper you use. Keep information in folders on your computer

  4. Scan all your notes and keep a digital version as a pdf on your computer

  5. Use your smartphone to take photos of things you need to remember, notes to yourself, name and address of places you need to visit and, any diagrams you need to study.

  6. Get a notice board! If you really need to keep paper notes put them on a board on the wall and pin them on. Remember to discard them when you no longer needed it.

  7. Tidy your desk at the end of every day. Have a set time, it will only take a few minutes and will be a pleasure to come into every day.

    If you like you can make your desk attractive with a small pot of flowers, a pretty pen holder and, a small photograph of your family or pets as long as it doesn’t clutter up working space.

    By Linda Soulsby

Daniela Luquini