Ingenious ways to use Coca-Cola in and around the house

  1. Clean your toilet. Pour Coca-Cola around inside of the bowl,leave a while, brush and flush clean.

  2. Remove grease stains from clothes by emptying a can of Coca-Cola into your washing machine with your usual detergent.For stubborn stains soak in a dish of Coca-Cola first.

  3. Remove blood stains in the same way.

  4. Remove marker stains from the carpet,apply Coca-Cola,scrub and clean with soapy water.

  5. Clean burnt pans. Pour Coca-Cola into the pan,let it soak then rinse.

  6. Descale your kettle using the same method as for burnt pans.

  7. Clean tile grout.Pour onto kitchen or bathroom floor,leave a few minutes then wipe off.

  8. Remove stuck on gum from your hair by dipping the hair into a glass of Coca-Cola for a few minutes my. Now peel the gum from your hair.

  9. Remove stains from vitreous China by soaking in Coca-Cola. Stains should now come off your prized China.

  10. Remove rust with a sponge or tinfoil dipped in Coca-cola. It will also loosen rusty bolts.

  11. Clean oil stains on your garage floor,soak the stain in Coca-Cola then rinse off.

  12. Even your car engine can be cleaned by dipping a towel into Coca-Cola and sit it on the engine parts for a while.Remove towel and wipe parts clean with a cloth dipped in water.

    Who knew? You might just find yourself rushing out to buy a twelve pack.

    By Linda Soulsby

Daniela Luquini